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    i7 950 with Corsair Dominator RAM  1600Mhz  UNSAFE???




      I just seen Corairair Dominator RAM at newegg....



      "It says Ultimate i7 X58 performance memory"


      I was surfing EVGA's forum and came across someone saying that they had a problem with there intel chip and the phone support agent said it was the Corsair Dominator RAM's fault running at 1600Mhz. That the i7 950 chip is only for 1066Mhz.




      I have these items,


      i7 950

      EVGA X58 Classified 3 motherboard

      Corsair Dominator  Model: TR3X6G1600C8D


      Can someone clear this up for me? I don't want to fry my stuff.







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          It should be quite safe, but the motherboard manufacturor cannot guarantee anything because the RAM speed is above the nominal speed. The CPU is factory set to 1066 or 1333 Mhz.


          But by overclocking or using Intel XMP you can easily overclock the built-in RAM controller. But this is never without risk. Your hardware probably won't instantly break but for the longevity of the hardware it can be a problem. An the other hand, if the CPU or motherboard don't support the memory it probably won't boot up so nothing will break.


          I've built some Pc's using either 1600 or higher RAM speeds using Core i7 and X58 motherboards and I've never had any problems. If the RAM has XMP then the motherboard usually recognizes the memory and sets the clock speeds accordingly.

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            Been using that RAM and Motherboard for awhile now. Doing fine and nothing happened, so I would tell someone if they were in the same postion that this RAM and Mobo cobination is fine.