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    Quick Question on 10G Ethernet



      "10 Gbit Ethernet is 10 times faster than 1 Gbit Ethernet so this means less cable and less complexity". If this is what the technology has to offer ?



      So does it cover only the bandwidth issue? not physical segmentation issue?



      clarifications are much appreciated.









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          10gb ethernet is more than 10x 1gb ethernet.  Yes, the 10x improvement in bandwidth can eleminate cables - especially in band width intensive applications like virtualization and internet portals.  The additions to the ethernet protocol supported by Intel Ethernet adapters include quality of service provisions like "priority pause". By ensuring quality of service, 10gb ethernet can replace other protocols like fiber channel ( Fiber Channel over Ethernet - FCOE ).  This further simplifies the data center and removing cables, components, and technology.  Read more about this in the post  10 Gigabit Ethernet – Alphabet Soup Never Tasted So Good! and  Data Center Fabric

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