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    Intel RS2BL080 JBOD/Pass-through Support?


      Hi All,


      I recently invested in the Intel RS2BL080 and am having trouble finding a JBOD or Pass-through option? Hopefully someone here or an Intel rep can help?


      Amongst this I am also unable it seems currently to boot into the DOS BIOS screen? However that is a secondary concern as I can log in through the web interface. So lets focus on the JBOD issue currently.


      I have a single SSD and multiple SATA drives, I want the SSD in a JBOD/Pass-through so I can use TRIM and the other SATA drives I have will then be in a RAID.


      How can I create a JBOD? I tried even using the command-line with the -enablejbod setting but it throws an error. There doesn't seem to be any options in the Web Console that I can see for a JBOD, the wizard only shows RAID's.


      I heard good things about this controller, but If I can't use it with a simple JBOD I might have to look at returning it and purchasing a card that can support a JBOD?


      Thank you.