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    DX58SO - Some issues



      I am an owner of a DX58SO board for about 1 year now.

      At the second month after the purshase the board went dead and was replace, ok... things happens

      I have been using this replaced board so far and had no much problem but now i decided to change some settings and got alot of problems!


      Just to let you guys know, my config is:

      DX58SO with last bios update

      i7 920 D0

      6Gb of OCZ RAM Platinum 1600 7-7-7

      XFX ATI 4850 512mb

      PSU Corsair TX 650W



      1. Sometimes when i press F2 to get bios setup and my computer restarts.

      2. I can do any change on my RAM settings, but if i change my processor settings like multiplier or clock, computer will not boot after off during overnight. So at morning i got unplug it from wall, wait all borad lights comes off to turn it on again and sometimes i need to repeat that step for 3-5 times!

      3. I thought the 2 was a PSU problem so u replaced my 500W Antec for that 650W Corsair, but i got no luck.

      4. IDC (Desktop Control) crashs when i try to open it. Already checked my .NET and also installed version 4.0. still crashing!


      Its a bad board???

      Once RAM is checked, PSU is brand new (and 2 were tested) abd this problem only happens when i do change my cpu default values, i guess this is a mobo problem, right?

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          when ever i've had issues with bios settings not staying remembered, it was the battery that lives on the motherboard... if its still plugged in overnight though its supposed to run off of the powersupply... maybe just change the motherboard battery on a hunch? i don't know.

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            Its not losing its settings. Everytime i turn the computer off for like 5 hours, it will not boot again, so i have to do the procedure i have mentioned.

            I was browsing and i found more people with the very same problem, must be a DX58SO "bug".

            Gonna contact Intel support.