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    DQ45CB motherboard won't boot at all????


      I bought a new DQ45cb and a e5400 cpu  2.70GHz   (s-spec  SLGTK)  but the thing won't boot.  When I turn on the power the MB red led comes on, the cpu fan starts spinning,  then thats it.......Just stays that way........


      I shut it down and took out the memory just to see if it would beep.   Got nothing.  


      I thought maybe the CPU and Board maybe were not compatable, so I did some checking on this site.......my CPU and motherboard are apparently compatable BUT....


      MB  DQ45CB        e30148-207   and my cpu (s-spec SLGTK)  requires a minimum bios   ( 0059 ? )


      How can I tell what the bios version is if I can't get it to boot?


      Any suggestions on how to get it up and running?