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    OEM builder says I don't get a fan ?


      I am trying to find out if this is truth or lie.


      Do OEM cpu (In this case i3 530) get supplied to OEM system builders with "intel" fans ?



      Things I do know:

      1) OEM cpu ship on trays.

      2) Intel fans can be the same as other fan it's just they have the sticker on them etcetc.



      Problem: MY OEM system supplier is insisting that the cpu's dont come with a fan and I have to pay extra for one.  Note: I have to pay extra if I want a case fan too.  (I feel he trying to take advantage of me.)  I'm quite okay with running the i3 with just the heatsink fan.  The case has natural airflow to all sides... psu has a fan.  Case is generic, not the best for heat dispersion but again, it's in free airflow spot.  I'm not okay with running the i3 with just a case fan.


      I hope somebody can help answer my question.