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    New Intel SSD 120GB?


      Today i discovered a listing regarding a new capacity Postvile SSD with a capacity of 120GB. In my country (Greece) they expect availability around the 5th of November...

      Does anyone have any infos regarding this model:

      INTEL X25-M SSDSA2MH120G2K5 2.5'' SSD 120GB MLC RETAIL

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          INTEL X25-M  SSDSA2MH120G2K5

          The text in red  indicates the drive is a G2 not a G3, although there is not a G2 drive with  120GB. The G3’s are also supposed to come in 80, 160, 300 & 600GB versions  so the capacity seems wrong as well. I’d double check with your retailer, as I  think he has made a mistake.

          The best unofficial  information (i.e. not from Intel) is February 2011, but only Intel knows for  sure.

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            I know that is a G2 drive. That was the reason I was impressed in the first place. I have contacted the retailer and they confirm they are getting this particular drive after the 5th of November....

            I know that G3 drives have a  lowest capacity  (if i remember correctly according to leaked roadmaps) of 160GB.....and yes they are coming Q1/2011....

            Another thing, if you google the part number of this drive(120GB version) you will find other retailers around the globe that they are listing it as well....and if you place more attention to pricing you will discover that the 120GB version has taken the price point of the 80GB version as far as prices in Euros is concerned.

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              The Intel 120GB SSD certainly exists, and is a new model.  You can read about it via the link below: