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    Intel Active System Console 4.2 doesn't start with bridge.




      My server:

           MB - Intel s3210sh

           CPU - E6850

           Ethernets - e1000, e100.

           OS CentOS 5.5

           IASC - 4.2 with patch for RHEL5.4 and up.



           With ethernet configs - eth0, eth1, lo, IASC work "normally".

           When I change configs - eth0, eth1, br0, lo IASC doesn't start - ascpolicy segfault.

           In Discussion http://communities.intel.com/thread/14376 you can find this problem too.


           In boot time I bring up only eth1,lo - IASC start "normally", after I bring up br0, eth0 by hand.

           This not true way. Anybody can help me? This CentOS bug or IASC bug?


      Thank You.