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    S5520SC Power Down Issue


      I have had no issued OS wise with the build of this machine, the OS installed without any issues (Win7P 64). However, I noticed that the machine will not fully power down when shutdown in the OS.


      I first noticed this after doing a full Bios, BMC, FRU & ME update to the latest version (0.54) from version 0.49.


      I'm unable to determine if these updates are the root of the cause, but I can't think of anything else that has changed or could affect the machine shuting down / powering down.


      - Once the machine is 'shut down' in the OS. The machine will seem to shut down, all LED's on the case will turn off (minus the network LED - which will flash as expected) however the internal fans will continue to spin. At first I thought this could be some kind of thermal function, but I have left the machine in this state over night and still the fans were spinning at an average RPM.


      Any guidance or advice on how to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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          After all the troubles I have narrowed the issue down to a suspect issue with a USB 3 Sata 3 Card. The card is NOT faulty but is preventing the system shutting down for an unknown reason.


          Any explanation from a Intel support tech would be useful. Model: Asus U3S3