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    SSD back-up issues


      Before I switched my boot drive to the Intel X25-M ssd, I weekly backed up my C drive to E drive. Both drives have the same 640gb capacity. After the switching, I discovered from Windows & (64-bit) Action Center that the back up failed. I switched back to the original drive, and back up was successful. I cloned the C drive to the ssd drive with the Data Migration Software from Acronis. I must say that if I changed the bios from IDE to AHCI, Windows would not start. An Intel tech suggested to reformat the ssd and cloning the drive. I did and the same back up failure happened. As of now, I have not downloaded the Toolbox, and have not updated the firmware yet. Can anybody help on the back up issues?

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          What version of Windows? 


          To enable AHCI/RAID after previously installing Windows 7 or Vista in IDE mode, do the following: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922976



          Is the backup program aware and handle the fact that the C: partition size has changed?  Can you schedule a new backup?

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            I have two servers one (system A) using a DQ45CB mother board and the second (system B) using a DX48RT2. System B had RAID one configuration for Windows XP and data, with a WD 64 GB SSD (SSC-0064SC-2100) installed for about three months as a pagefile only. I has a issue with a file not being correct in about 3 months time, but it was correctable and un explainable. Last week a CD copy application fail consistently, the PC would stop processing and after a restart, the RAID 1 drives would verify and recover with no problem.The second copy application would end with a "delayed write failure" and the data in the too copy file would be incorrect as the message indicated, short files didn't fail, but the larger files would fail. Not knowing the problem, I configure system A as a non raid system, installed Window XP on a 80GB  and the data on a 500GB. This system ran for ten days using the same data and applications as were installed system B without a problem. Yesterday I cloned a Kingston 128GB SSD for the Windows  XP that included the pagefile. The reconfigured system copy application failed and the copied data was incorrect. OK, that's the problems and configurations, but what's the problem source, Window XP SP3, intel mother boards and processor, or the SSD's. The common denominator is the pagefile associated with a SSD, assign the pagefile to a HD, no problems. I've commented on this forum, one, I do not have the knowledge or tools for problem source identification or problem resolution and two, too see if anybody experiences this problem and knows the solution. Thanks for any input.

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              Also, had the original post (DMA) assigned the pagefile to a non SSD would his copies completed.

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                Guest wrote:


                Also, had the original post (DMA) assigned the pagefile to a non SSD would his copies completed.

                There should be no issues since only the OS itself is actually aware of the paging file.  When you first boot up, the OS will throw a warning that the drive location for the paging file is missing... assuming that you don't have a partition with the same letter.

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                  AS I understand the pagefile in Windows XP is used as the driver input output area and by setting the pagefile to another HD or to none eliminates the SSD as a I/O work area.

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                    A paging file is just virtual memory.


                    Here's a good article on the topic: http://blogs.technet.com/b/markrussinovich/archive/2008/11/17/3155406.aspx

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                      The backup issues I had previous written about have disappeared since removing the Norton antivirus.

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                        The cloning with the Data Migration Software dont correct bad aligning. Such a tool shouldt correct partitions with bad aligning .

                        How else migrate from XP to ssd with the tool when it doesnt correct aligning .