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    Mother Board S3210SHLC - Connecting Front Panel Wires to where on  the 24 Pin Header?



      HI All:



      We need some help with signal name terminology for the Front Panel Connector ( Header) on a S3210SHLC Server Board. See the attached Jpeg for a screen shot of the connector on the board. Can anybody convert the signal names listed to more generic descriptions?



      Secondly, We are using a server enclosure that has the tradition single wires (2 conductor) coming from the front panel. Each is labeled "Power SW",  "Reset", "Power LED", Device 1-6 etc. We want to confirm our logic for connecting each wire.



      If you look at Pin 11 on the "24-Pin header PinOut", the name is "FP_SW_ON_HDR_N". Question >> Do we connect our power switch cable (which should be both negative polarity) to pins # 11 &  to #9 to complete the circuit? (Pin 9 is labeled "LED_HD_N")



      The same question / Theory applies to the rest. Do we connect our remaining wires to the same physical grouping? eg, and so on?



      Thanks in advance