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    i7 930 temperature issue.


      Hi everyone, just a concern. I purchased this Acer Predator computer. It has the intel i7 930 running at 2.8 ghz. It is working fine, the idle temps for the cores are between 37-42 degrees Celcuis. When playing a game they go up to mid 60's to low 70's during most games. But when i play battlefield bad company 2 for a second the temp jumped to 84 on one of the cores and once inawhile during a 15 min play session the would reach 84 but average in the 70's.


      Is this ok, or something to worry about? i am using the nvidia control panel to monitor temps, it poles them every second, so for example one second it will be at 84 then the next jump back down to 79 or so. Just in this game though, i played crysis for another 10 min session and the temps never went over 67.


      Please help. The cpu is supposed to be liquid cooled, but seems rather high for that.

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          I was not concerned till your last line.  If you have a liquid cooling system, I am supprized to see temps get anywhere near as high as you are reporting

          Your numbers look typical for the stock heatsink. 


          I likle to see the temps under 70 because higher than that your likly getting into a therimal throttling range.


          I don't think your liquid cooler is functioning correctly.

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            I dont think its one of those fancy liquid setups that some ppl have. Its an acer so i think its what they call liquid cooling. Usually them temps are fine, just in that game they went up in the 80's.

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              It just seems a issue with Battlefield. I played starcraft 2 and the temps do not go over 58 degrees. Could this just be a game issue? is there anything i can do in the bios to reduce the temps? like disable the turbo boost?

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                I don't think it is a game issue unless you count good code righting as an issue. If the temps are high, it is because all the CPU cores are working hard.


                Make sure you system has good air flow. Locked in a closet or desk drawer is bad as is sitting on the heat register or next to the fire place.


                You can try disabling Turbo Boost. Won't hurt anything (except performance when the CPU is in a moderate use case.) and it would be a good check of the boards Imon curve calibration. With the temp as high as your seeing, you should already be out of turbo boost mode.If the board design is under reporting Imon The processor would try to stay in turbo boost longer and get hotter. The processor thermal throttling will still protect the processor.

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                  ok thanks for the help. I think it is just terrible air flow, i opened the side panel of the case and played a bit, this time i never reached over 72 on almost full load.

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                    you might want to consider an extra fan in the box 


                    Most chassis have locations of a front or rear fan (if it does not have one there already.

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                      Cousair makes two H2O Coolers that work very nice I have both , the H-50 and the H-70 , They are your best bet unless you want to get into building a custom cooling SYS. they are about $75.00 for the H-50 and about $100.00 for the H-70 which has dual 120mm fans . These are safe no worries about leaks.