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    GetPowerAMTState fail with result:0x800703E3 error en OOBConsole.log



      Hi vPro experts!! I'm deploying a vPro lab with SCCM SP1 and a Dell Optiplex 755 client, with 3.2.1 MEBx version, the client is provisioned without SCCM agent, but when y try to power on/off/restart or try to open Out of Band Management Console I receive this error in OOBConsole.log (when try to open the console) and in the amtopmgr.log file shows those errors:



      ERROR: Invoke(get) failed: 80020009argNum = 0



      Description: The I/O to get CIM_AssociatedPowerManagementService instance.



      AMT Operation Worker: AMT machine client.vprolab.com can't be waken up. Error code: 0x800703E3



      I checked the requisites, security in OU, certificates and there is no way to solve it.






      Somebody knows what could be wrong, please?






      Thanks in advance!!!