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    Using PAPI on SCC




      I am trying to port PAPI onto SCC. I found that there was a PAPI with version 3.7.2 in the SCC open repository. But I don't know how to compile it and use it to check the avaible hardware event of SCC cores. Is there any document giving detailed instructions? Thank you.



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          We had a preliminary version of PAPI in our public SVN tree, but it never worked properly with the SCC. We did not have the resources here to continue that effort. I've removed PAPI from our external SVN so that users do not get the impression that it works with the SCC system.


          It can be made to work, and if that effort lines up with your research, that would be great. Unfortunately we won't be able to provide much assitance, but would be very pleased to publish your results on this site.