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    DH55TC & i5 661 combo - freezing windows or not posting at all


      My Specs:

      DH55TC Original Intel board

      Core i5 661 Proc

      1.5 TB Seagate HDD

      HL-DT - DVD Drive

      Custom built PC

      4 GB Transcend 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM

      XFX 5670 HD ATI Radeon 512 MB GDDR5 Grapx card

      Gigabit LAN

      Realtek Audio Integrated

      Current OS: Windows Vista X86 - Ultimate SP1


      Recent HW Changes: None

      Recent SW Changes: Windows Update was done - SP2 was updated, several other KB were done.


      So did System restore to SP1 point and uninstalled SP2. Still same issue.


      Step tried:

      Flashed BIOS to 0040

      Updated Intel Chipset to latest version

      Reinstalled ATI drivers from 10.6 to 10.10 CCC

      Removed all external devices like speakers, external HDD - still same prob

      Reseated RAM 2x 2 GB - Tried with single card on all slots

      Ran Mem test on RAM individually - All test passed

      Removed Video card connected to Integrated - Same issue

      Checked windows perf reliability monitor - there are no logs

      Tried with a different user account - still same issue


      Now when I turn on the computer Fans are spinning, Tower LED - Solid Green, Monitor show Intel logo with Code 98 - so checked POST Codes and found issue to be with Mouse / Keyboard, so did the following

      Removed Mouse and Keyboard

      System booted fine to windows - connected only the mouse in the same USB port - system booted fine to windows without any issues. After 2 minutes system froze.


      Yet to try- Update Firmware of HDD, DVD and Reinstall OS, Disable C States and SpeedStep in BIOS


      Anyone got this problem before? If Yes - please update any steps which I can try...


      Vejay Sarathy S