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    SS4200-E, power supply failed in first 24 hours.


      Yesterday I just tried for the first time to use the ss4200e that I bought a year ago.   I installed four drives.   Initially the blue leds came on.   On the web interface it showed I had installed only two drives, and said I added two more that were not incorporated into the RAID.   first    I followed its suggested instructions to delete all the shared folders, (well at least they were almost empty) and let it incorporate the two other drives.


      Preparing the drives was taking hours,  and I went to sleep thinking the server would be ready in the am.   Instead no lights were on, and the switch did not do anything.    Disconnecting power to the drives did not help, but work bench attaching a full sized power supply immediately lite the lights.  So the power supply must be bad. 


      I'm thinking the only option is to try to get warranty service and send it back.   But is there anything else I should try first??