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    DH57DD Voltage Regulator Temperature exceeding 60C


      I just built a system:

      MOBO: DH57DD


      BIOS: 2/27/2010 (JGIBX 10J.86A.0368.2010.0227.0651

      DDR3 1333  / 8G

      Dual DVI: ASUS ENGTX460 TOP DirectCU 768MB/DDR5

      1 Front 120mm Fan

      Dual Rear 80mm Fan

      Standard Intel CPU Fan

      1 Side Mounted Flowing onto MOBO 80mm Fan

      1 Power Supply Fan


      The hardware monitor hangs around the following:

      Platform Controller Hub: 59C

      Voltage Regulator: 50C

      memory DIMM: 26C

      Processor 26C


      However after a few minutes of Starcraft II (Runs downright great!!!), the Voltage Regulator Temperature Alarm Sounds. I have felt around the motherboard and nothing feels even remotely hot. I have seen several discussions on this being a bugus reading but I am concerned. Before I spend another $100 on beefier fans and more heatsinks which I don't think I need, does anyone have experience with this problem on this board or has anyone talked to Intel?


      Also, any idea where on the MOBO, the temp sensor IC's are? I can always try some freeze spray from work and test them. I am an Electrical Engineer and design CPU boards for embedded devices so this should be solveable.


      Thanks for any help, Gary

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          Flashed new Bios (JGIBX 10J.86A.0537.2010.0518.0132) and it didn't appear to effect the temperature readings. One other thing to note: I changed the limits for the Voltage Regulator Threshld Alarm from 60C to 75C just to see what happens and the limit doesn't appear to be remembered during a reboot???


          I will keep playing around with this and update this thread as I learn and try things, Thanks for anyones help that chimes in.


          Note: 25C is about room temp. So, this is saying that my processor and memory are around room temp but my Platform Controller and Voltage Regulator are over 120F. I should be able to feel 60C with my finger. This should be hot to the touch.



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            So, I went to Menards and got some flexible corrugated plumbing tube. The kind you can bend  in any direction. It just happens to clip over an 80mm fan perfectly. I directed the side case fan directly on the voltage regulators on the motherboard and after an hour of Starcraft II, the temp was holding steady at 62C. My next experiment is to tweak the direction of this fan until I find the hot spot and cool it. I'd like to get the temperature below 60C even while playing games.


            Kind of awkward solution but if that is what it takes, it looks decent as well. Overall, not happy with this motherboard if this is the only way to fix it. I am going to try and call Intel on Monday because this probably shouldn't be required. I have penty of fans and the processor is happily cool which means the motherboard is oddly designed or the voltage regulators should have had heat sinks or the board is not really as hot as the bios and Intel Desktop Uility states.



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              Well after a couple of hours of gaming, the temperature of the voltage regulator hit 65C. Still  no answer from Intel. Also, I have 4 wire PWM fans and even though it is heating up on the board, the fans are not increasing speed like I thought they would. ???

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                Whats your northbridge voltage set at ??

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                  Hi gsinde,


                  If you haven't already seen this, the Technical Product Spec document for your motherboard can be found here:




                  Section 1.14.4 is titled Thermal Monitoring, although it doesn't look like you'll find what you are looking for there.  I haven't scanned the entire document, and I don't own this motherboard.


                  I assume you are referring to Intel's hardware monitoring program when you list the temperatures and the alarm?


                  An Intel motherboard I own uses Intel's Desktop Utilities software for monitoring.  It does not include temperature readings for voltage regulators for my motherboard.  I have no idea if this will be related to your issue, but I have experienced flaky readings with an earlier version of that software.  Specifically with the power supply voltage value monitoring.


                  Alarms for out of range voltage values would occur randomly and I would notice that, for example, the 12 volt monitor would suddenly read 5 volts, or vice versa.  It seemed like the voltage readings for a particular rail would be sent to the wrong monitoring code in the software, i.e. the 12 volt test would receive the 5 volt rail values.  I had to disable the alarms it got so bad, and found another program for temperature monitoring.  A later version of the program now works fine, but yours may have a similar bug, i.e., the voltage regulator test is receiving the PCH temperature value, for example.


                  My comments above are pure speculation, but the problems I had are similar to yours so I thought I would mention them to you.

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                    Its not a H/W issue.

                    Its the Intel Dektop Utility issue..

                    If you are using older version of IDU, the upper limit for the voltage  regulator temprature will be 65 C.

                    you can download and install the latest version from Intel website to resolve this issue.


                    Once you install the latest version of IDU the upper limit for the Voltage regulator temp will change to 115  C, this will resolve the issue.


                    It means that the voltage regulator temprature can go beyond 65 C , when its getting loaded..


                    Download the latest IDU from below link..






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                      Jose, I am confused about a few things in your post, but the suggestion to update to the latest version of the IDU for this board is a good one.  I'm sure that Gary does not want his V regs to show temps beyond 65 C, but if they are at temps above that, he should know.


                      Gary, another phenomenon I've experienced with an Intel board and one that Jose may be referring to, is this: the temperature sensor for the MCH on an Intel LGA775 motherboard displays a minimum temp of 66 C even if the actual temp is lower.  That is documented in the Tech Spec document for that board.


                      I am suggesting that it is possible that the same type of thing is happening with the V reg monitoring on your board.  But according to the numbers you posted there do seem to be readings below 60 C, so this may not be the situation.


                      Yes, you should be able to feel 60 C with your finger, and that you don't tells me that the temp reading is wrong.  As an EE you know that voltage regulators usually are mounted on a heatsink, and many motherboards do that.  But the V reg being directly soldered to the board may be able to run fine simply transferring heat into the board, and of course what the devices operating temp range is may also allow it to function fine mounted in this manner.

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                        Thanks for the links and help,


                        Yep, I have the latest Desktop Utilities and the reference has shown me numbers below 60C. I used some freeze spray around the motherboard to track which chip is giving the reading. The voltage regulator appears to be near the edge of the board near the CPU. So, the CPU fan actually could allow a little airflow out of its fins over this IC as well. I have a contact within Intel (actually Intel gave me this board to try) and he is looking into it. It does appear that the normal operating range is above 60C and moving the limit is not a big deal once the Intel engineers confirm this is normal. The only issue with moving the limit now is the Desktop Utilities running on Windows 7 doesn't appear  to remember the threshold. I am guessing a permissions issue but I haven't had time to look into it. Thanks again.

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                          You are welcome, and good luck with your issue, although it does not seem to be causing trouble with the functioning of your system.  Hey, I gotta find someone to send me a motherboard to fool around with...


                          My guess is you will be told all is normal and not to worry.  There are heatsinks available to attach to V regs among PC cooling accessories, not cheap but they exist.  I believe they are glued in place with a combo glue/thermal compound.  Did you ever determine where the sensing diode is on the board, there are multiple V reg chips around the CPU, does the IDU monitor a specific one?


                          I don't recall having problems with losing values set in IDU, and I don't know how to fix it, I'm not on my Intel-board PC right now.  At worst you can simply turn off the audible alarms and the pop-up warnings, that's what I did when I had the problem with the flakey voltage values.


                          Anyway, have fun!!

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                            My IDU only shows Processor Vcc but I have noticed that it can dip below the recommended voltage briefly.  Since this is with decent power supplies it may not be of much concern.  I would not expect that to leave your temp reading at that high but it could be a related problem.

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                              From Intel: Updates are in progress for Intel Desktop Utilities and a release is expected in WW47 (third week of November if you are not failiar with our work week calendar) that will resolve sensor information being lost or losing precision. A future BIOS update will be made available that will also help with voltage threshold changes being lost across reboots. A schedule for this BIOS release will be made available shortly. I am trying to find out a date.

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                                Well, if all goes according to schedule, the IDU update should be available just before Turkey Day!! 


                                Intel seems to understand the bugs, and it looks like there is something in this update for everyone.