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    Desktop Board DP43BF loading of windows xp-sp3


      I am getting ready to rebuild my current P4 computer and intend to use a DP43BF board. I understand that this board will support WinXP, Vista and Seven.

      I plan to use two SATA HDDs and two SATA DVD/RW drives.  I am not sure if WinXP has built in support for SATA, so my question is how do I insure that when this unit is all assembled and ready to be loaded that the sata dvd drives will spin up and recognize my windows disk. I have looked around Microsofts site and read a couple articles about WinXP on a SATA based computer. One article mentioned installing the drivers on a floppy and pressing F6 to install drivers. This would not be bad except the board I have chosen does not have a floppy controller slot for use by a floppy drive.

      I am about to strart ordering the pieces for my new system but am reluctant to place any orders until I know where I am going and how I will handle the most basic of all issues, i.e. how to get the OS installed.

      Am I concerned about nothing, i.e. since the board has built in SATA are the drivers in the BIOs, or will I have to go thru some gynastics with a thumb drive or are the drives chosen from a disk supplied by Intel with the board?

      Any help would be appreciated.


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          I may not have correctly asked the question. The question probably should have been, since the sata controllers are on the board will it detect the DVD and Hard Drives automatically? If this is the case then I probably should not have a problem getting my OS (WindXP) to load. Any thoughts on this??

          I would really hate to spend money and time purchasing the equipment and installing it only to find I was not going to be able to load it because I DVD/RW would not spin up. Hope the question now clearer.