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    System Reboots When Shut Down - D865PERL




      I have an older 56K modem that I like because it has some features most of the newer modems do not have like remote dialling and being able to be taken out of command mode and put in data mode with software without the computer having to do any dialling.


      My problem with this modem is either it stays on all the time or wakes the systems up when it is shutting down causing the hardware to restart after Windows has shut down. I have a new MSI motherboard that was manufactured in 2010 that allows for the BIOS to manage most power management tasks. When it is put in BIOS mode you can set it to shut down when it sees that the Windows power button has been pushed and WAKE on PCI PCIe PME and WAKE on Ring can be disabled. When the BIOS is set that way it resolves the modem when it is plugged into this motherboard.


      I consider my recently purchased D865PERL to be my primary motherboard because it can burn DVD and encode video 3 times as fast as that MSI 1333 board with an Athlon II x4 640 on it in dual channel mode at 667 x 2. When I first set the D865PERL up my computer would turn on when I turned my HDTV on which is connected to the computer DVI to HDMI via an EVGA AGP card. To resolve this problem I set the BIOS to not Plug-in Play OS which I understand to be the equivalent of let BIOS manage the power.


      When I go under the power management menu I find ACPI which has S1 / S3 options where I have the WAKE ON LAN from S5 set to leave stay off after a power failure on both. The next two options are After Power Failure and WAKE on PCI PME. I have both of these set to stay off.


      I assume the only power management settings in the BIOS are Plug-in Play O/S Yes or No under the Advanced menu then submenu Boot Configuration which I have set to No and the setting under the Power Management menu as set as described above. I noticed under the Power Management menu between After Power Failure and WAKE on PCI PME that it says these setting may be ignored when the computer is being shut down in its originally course of business where an ACPI operating system is being used with the motherboard. I assume that means that when I use the Windows turn off the computer menu option the WAKE on PCI PME in the BIOS ignores the fact the Windows turn off the computer menu option was selected allowing for the modem to WAKE the motherboard up after  Windows has shut down causing the computer to restart the computer? Is my assumption correct and if so any work around's would be appreciated or other assistance in helping me resolve my modem problem.