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    dh55tc don't recognize sapphire hd5450


      I buy components for a computer like this:


      Intel dh55tc

      Intel i3 530

      2x2gb kingstone 1333MHz

      WD 320gb aaks

      Sapphire hd5450


      My problem is that: the system work very well without PCIe HD5450 (with onboard graphics).

      My system work with other PCIe card (nVidia 7300)

      My Sapphire HD5450 work well in other computers.

      So, it seems to be a compatibility problem.

      My Intel dh55tc have latest bios (040) from Intel site.

      I have installed every Bios from 028 to 040, I was trying from BIOS all options regarding video (auto, pcie, pci) but the problem remain.

      I have integrated systems from 1997, so I know how to insert a video in slot etc, so it is not an assembling problem.


      Sorry for my english.

      Any ideas to solve this problem?