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    Overscan now with drivers, EDID culprit?


      I now have an overscan situation with my Vizio VA26L, which I connect via HDMI cable. My video is a Mobile Intel GL40. Before the driver upgrade, there was no problem viewing in full resolution: 1920x1080. Now, not only is the display overscanned, but I can't lower the resolution, or just change it in any way. I've used the graphic control panel, the tv wizard, and with both programs my screen blacks out for at least one minute, then comes back at the original overscan. Could incorrect EDID info be the problem? If so, why the change? I've tried using old drivers, windows 7 repair disk(reinstall original drivers, etc), unistalling completely in safe mode, and installing old drivers, updated with patch suggested by the live chat fellow, all to no avail. Any ideas?