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    Raid 1 Vol Normal, Windows Vista says Bad Sector - Using Matrix Storage Manager


      I’ve been running two Seagate ‘cudda drives in a Raid 1 array for years on my Vista 32-bit using Intel Matrix Storage Manager 8. They are my “C” drive.


      I installed an external Sata drive to do backups of “C” and my backup software (Acronis TIH) said there was a bad sector and could not produce the disk image I wanted to make before upgrading to Windows 7. I thought the backup software was flaky because Intel Matrix Storage Manager did not show any errors and the sector was way at the end.


      Q: How can a program show a bad sector if I have Raid 1 and Matrix Storage Manager shows things are normal for both drives? Wouldn't the faulty drive just drop out of the Raid array?


      So I “humored” my backup software by right-clicking the “C” drive, selecting properties and tools tab and selected a disk error check and told it to fix bad sectors. I rebooted and the error checking started. I expected nothing would happen. When I got back to it hours later the bootup screen had a strange login-error box. I cleared it and the next dialog was asking me to activate Windows on my 3-yr old Vista machine!  I cleared it and logged in and most of my startup programs reported that they were corrupt and unable to start! My desktop background is missing.


      I never saw the result of the error check but my guess is it tried to fix something and made things worse. Yet, the Matrix Storage Manager still says things are fine.


      Q: Is there some other Intel utility I can run to tell me what’s going on?


      I’d like to remove and isolate one of my Seagate drives from the Raid array before attempting a fix. This way if things get even worse or I have to reinstall Windows, I can use the isolated drive to copy back any data files. But I can’t find how to convert the Raid array to two normal drives. 


      Q: How do I “break” the array with Matrix Storage Manager without loosing data?


      I’m really perturbed at this.