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    Intel 82547EI PLC for Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbits/sec) Ethernet LAN connectivity




      I recently purchased a D865PERL motherboard that it is my understanding has a 1000 base network adapter. When I installed the dtiver a 100 base installed. Does anyone know how to install the 1000 base network adapter?


      Below are somethings I tried.


      1) I downloaded a file named PRO2KXP.exe that I assume contains all the Windows XP drivers.

      2) I exacted PRO2KXP.exe and found a folder named PRO1000 that I assume contains the 1000 base network adapter driver files.

      3) When I saw what appears to be driver files in the Win32 folder I pointed the XP driver update utility at it but XP said the information in that folder does not pertain to any of the hardware that makes up your computer.

      4) I uninstalled the 100 base drivers and rebooted the computer and when XP called for a driver for the network adapter I pointed it at the Win32 folder but again XP said that the information does not pertain to the hardware that makes up your computer.

      5) Next in the PRO1000 folder I found a folder called RIS_INF where I found a readme.txt file with the following instructions.


      Microsoft Windows XP and  Microsoft* Windows Server* 2003 (32-bit)


      1. Create an [IMAGE_ROOT]\$oem$\$1\Drivers\NIC directory if one does not already exist.


      2. Copy all files from the PRO1000\Win32 directory to the [IMAGE_ROOT]\$oem$\$1\Drivers\NIC directory.


      3. Make the following changes to the .SIF file that is used for this image installation (located in the [IMAGE_ROOT]\I386\Templates directory):


      OemPreinstall = yes
      OemPnpDriversPath = \Drivers\Nic

      4. Copy all .SYS files from PRO1000\Win32 directory to the [IMAGE_ROOT]\i386 directory. Do NOT copy the INF files to this directory.


      5. Extract the .INF files from PRO1000\Win32\RIS_INF\E1000325.ZIP and E1E5132.zip to the [IMAGE_ROOT]\i386 directory.


      6. Restart the Remote Installation Service.


      7. Follow the rest of the Microsoft instructions for adding a new network driver to the RIS installation.


      I really do not fully understand these instructions but I assume they mean rewriting the Windows setup CD and would require that I reinstall everything on my computer something I would prefer not to do. Also I have reservations because XP does not recongize the source information that is being used to amend the setup as driver information that goes with the hardware on my computer.


      6) Next I found I found a network adapter untility that adds a device manager extension to my network adapter when you click on the drivers properties in the device manager but it does not make my 100 base adapter a 1000 base adapter.


      7) Finally I downloaded a file named 8254x_WIN_CE_XP that contains a file named PRO_WinXPE_Legacy.ZIP that contains instructions that include using Windows XP Embedded Objects Data Base Manager to import a file called e1000exp.sid into it. This seems like it might be the quickest and simplest method but I have never heard of the Windows XP Embedded Objects Data Base Manager nor do I have an understanding of embeeded objects or how they function in Windows XP and when I went to the internet to find out I was not able to find enough information that I could carry out the tasks necessary to successfully install the network adapter.


      Your help would be appreciated.



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          If your connection speed is only 100 Mbps make sure that the device you plug into is capable of faster speeds. Both ends of the connection must support 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) to operate at that speed. Also, make sure you have a good Ethernet cable. Try another cable if you have one.


          I am not sure which version of PRO2KXP.exe you have. You can get the last version posted for your desktop board at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=8659. Try using this version. To install the drivers, launch PRO2KXP.exe and follow the wizard.


          If you still have LAN problems, you might want to try updating your BIOS to the latest version. Download at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=8408&ProdId=949.


          I hope this helps.


          Mark H

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            Maybe these would be easier?


            1) Down load this HUGE iso image file.



            2) Burn to CD or extract all to a folder.


            3) Install CD, click on or otherwise run Autorun.exe


            4) Continue with instructions displayed

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              Thanks everyone for your help!


              Since my original inquiry I forced the 82547EI driver to install on the 10/100 adapter reference in the device manager in the absences of the 10/100 adapter driver being installed. When I did this I used the inf driver file in the Lan sample file from the download center. I used this file because I was not able to get the inf file included in the driver downloads to work. When using the sample file I was able to see reference to the 82547EI in the list when manually installing using the XP hardware wizard. There is no reference to the 82547EI in the inf files including with the drivers. Having that reference is important because the driver does not have hardware associated with it so the operating system has no way to select the correct driver, it is important that you know and point the process to the correct reference. When using the sample inf file I was able to point the process to the latest driver information and once installed you can look under driver details and verify the latest drivers are installed. Once the 82547EI is installed in the device manager with a yellow dot go under properties on the advanced tab select force master mode, enable Jumbo Frames and set it to auto negotiable at 1000. Once the 10/100 adapter drive is installed when you go back to the device manager the 82547EI reference should be gone and the 10/100 present in working condition.Go under properties and you should see your addition features related to Jumbo frames and being able to auto negotiate at 1000 on the advanced tab which does not install by default with the 10/100 adapter. The first step in this process is make sure the Proset device manager with advanced network services is installed. If the 10/100 driver installs it will need to come off before you put the 82547EI on and you may need to get rid of any driver information related to the 10/100 adapter so XP will not automatically reinstall it when your trying to use the hard wizard to install the 82547EI information that does not have hardware associated with it.


              Now that I have gone through all that and found information about each of the adapters features Intel down plays their significance as it would relate to the features contributing to the performance of the adapter in the ordinary course of use by most so I an not sure why Intel marketed this motherboard as having a 1000 base network adapter when it really has a 100.