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    What IT Best Practices Do You Have For Private Cloud?

    Christopher Peters

      Intel IT embarked on a strategy to architect, build and implement a private cloud computing environment about a year ago.  Our architecture and engineering teams are in full swing transforming our legacy office (general purpose business computing) and enterprise (supply chain, customer relationship, BI portals, finance, etc) environments to a cloud environment.


      We have made good progress as we lay a foundation for server virtualization (currently > 30% virtualized).


      We have started delpoying on demand, self-service capabilities that allow our business users to access services more quickly.


      We have done several proof-of-concepts and pilots on IT management tools to better manage our infrastructure as a service environment.


      We have studied the cloud-client relationship and come to some conclusions on ways to enhance employee productivity.


      Cloud Computing is changing paradigms and business processes within IT as much as it is changing the IT infrastructure.


      I heard the other day that only about 5% of companies are implementing cloud solutions today but the majority of companies have cloud on their roadmaps over the next several years.


      Share your thoughts, challenges of IT Best Practices for building and deploying a Private Cloud Computing environment


      Ask a question about what we are doing in IT @ Intel.

      (I'd be happy to answer them (if i can) or find someone inside the Intel IT organization with the expertise required who can)


      Chris Peters, Intel IT

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          Great discussion topic Chris. At Cisco, we started a similar journey towards building an internal Private Cloud about 18 months ago (CITEIS - Cisco IT Elastic Infrastructure Services). John Manville (VP, IT Infrastructure) recently recorded a video to discuss how we planned our internal transformation and some of the metrics we used to measure change and success.



          • Capacity Planning - right amount of resources at the right place
          • Increase Availability of critical applications and all IT services
          • Transformation of how IT delivers services to our internal (business units, end-users) and external customers (partners, customers, etc.)

          Cisco's IT organization actively speaks to customers about our best practices and we're very open to sharing our best practices with customers.

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            Christopher Peters

            Brian, Thanks for sharing the Cisco IT Best Practices for Cloud.  I liked your video.