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    No sensors found RMM 2


      Hi all,


      A month or two ago , i had opened a discussion how you get access to the RMM 2 module to get sensor information through ipmitool.

      It worked fine for 5 servers, but after 10 days, 2 server modules didn't get any sensor information.


      I had it also with one server after 2 days, but we plugged the power out, and wait a few min, and restarted the intel server and the module was fine, i configured it with syscfg and i could read again all the sensor information.


      So i did it again with the 2 servers now , but still the RMM 2 module doesn't show me the sensor information, even in the webinterface.


      RMM2 error.png


      See above a picture of the interface. (As you can see it are two tabs in one picture).


      I cannot config it with syscfg, and restart doesn't help so, could intel give some advice or an other solution to get this RMM2 module back up.