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    Win7 32 & 64 clean load with latest drivers freezes on DH55HC


      My system is DH55HC mobo (BIOS 0040 version & all latest driver versions from Intel website), i5-650 CPU, 4GB RAM (2x2G Corsair VS2GB1333D3), Thermaltake 750W PSU, Leadtek 260GTX 1G PCI-Ex video (V260.99 driver), D-Link DWA-525 PCI-Ex WLAN card (V1 driver as bundled - no update available) & AverTV Twinstar PCI-Ex TV Tuner (V1.3.64.76 driver), Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black SATA II HDD, LG GH22 SATA DVDRW ODD. All BIOS settings are default except AHCI mode enabled and serial, parallel & PS/2 ports disabled. Add-on cards are arranged in board as follows:


      - Video in PCI-Ex x16 slot (takes up 2 slot spaces)

      - TV tuner in second PCI-Ex x1 slot (can only go in this slot due to video card)

      - WLAN card in the 3rd PCI slot (furthest from CPU)


      I have fresh loaded both Win7 32 & 64 and once all drivers are installed, the system will randomly freeze especially when there is network activity. The freeze is total requiring system to be power cycled to get it going again, and is not reported in any event logs. Attempting to resolve this, I moved the WLAN card to the 2nd PCI slot with the same result, then to the 1st PCI slot which resolved the problem (an arrangement I'm not keen on as this puts all 3 cards side by side generating alot of heat). I then tried another  video card (8600GT 512M) which made no difference, then another known working DWA-525 WLAN card, which also made no difference. I also found that the problem disappears if I reduce the system RAM to 2GB or remove the TV tuner card . I finally then tried a another new DH55HC just in case it was a board issue but the problem was the same. So I then contacted D-Link tech support who advised me that this is a mobo issue and to talk to Intel. I then contacted AverMedia just in case they might know anything about this (as removing the TV tuner card also resolved the issue) who also advised that they believe the issue is with the mobo.


      So my question to Intel - is this a mobo problem or a driver issue?