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    mobile intel series 4 driver problems with hdmi connection


      I've just downloaded and installed the above mentioned driver (, and now I have a problem with the resolution on my hdtv screen, when connected with hdmi cable. Before (I don't know what driver version was, unforunately) I was able to have a 1920x1080 resolution on my hdtv(vizio). Now, I can still use the same resolution, but the display is larger than the tv screen. What I mean is that the taskbar is now almost hidden, only the very top is seen, all the borders are way outside. I can't see my start button, nor can I see the icons on the left side of the display , at the border there. Am I making sense? Before the display was contained within the screen borders. I've been through the Intel chat live option, installed the driver fix or patch or whatever, but I think that my issue isn't related to that fix. I've reset my Vizio to it's default values, thinking that there might be a problem, there. Is there a way to rollback this driver? The option under the device manager is greyed out. So...ideas? Should I reinstall my os and try again? My computer is an HP-G60 440us, Mobile Intel G40 chipset, Widows 7 premium.