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    Which Intel Board supports Intel Core i7-920/930?


      I'm not sure if this been ask already, but I was searching intel.com to look for an Inel Desktop Board that supports the Intel Core i7 Processor specially the Core i7-920 or 930. Co'z I'm planning to buy this type of processor.


      I"m eyeing for the Intel Desktop Board DP55WG or DP55WB, but it say it only support upto Intel's Core i7-875k only. Does the latest bios of this desktop board supports the new i7 Processor? How about the DP55KG does it support i7-920/930? Any recommendation or suggestions for a good desktop board which cost around $150-200bucks? does the microATX heats-up faster compare to a full ATX board?










      Any help would be very much appreciated.