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    New DH57JG PC, No Post




      I just got a new DH57JG motherboard.   I've put in an i3-530 processor and 4GB (2 X 2GB) of Corsair DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) desktop memory carefully using a static strap.


      A light is visible when a power supply is connected, but there is no beep for POST and the CPU fan stops quickly after a few spins.


      I've tried the following:

        a) unplugging everything except the processor and memory

        b) two separate power supplies

        c) switching the order of the memory DRAMs, and using only one and then the other

        d) taking the board out of the case, and putting it on the anti-static bag that it shipped with in case there was a case short.


      Nothing has helped.  Same behavior, and no POST beep.


      Each time after seeing this, I've unplugged the power supply pretty quickly  in hopes of not burning out the processor.


      How can I identify further identify the exact cause of the problem, and possibly even a fix?

      [e.g. Is the motherboard dead?  the processor?  memory?]


      Your help and suggestions are much appreciated.




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          Hello:  As first troubleshooting step, I recommend to test different memory since DDR3 1600 memory is not supported by your desktop board, you can check the memory specifications here:  http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dh57jg/sb/CS-030955.htm  For troubleshooting system boot issues please check the following URLs:  http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/cs-010254.htm  Also you can check  http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-030386.htm   Also you can try the following troubleshooting steps  Try booting the system with just the memory and processor installed. Bear in mind that if you do not install the memory on the motherboard, you should hear three error beeps. This means that the processor and the motherboard are indeed communicating.     If this fails as well, please test all the components in a different system and make sure that every part is working fine. The most important parts to test are the processor, the motherboard and the system memory. (Please write down the model of the testing hardware).   On a non-booting system, the only way to determine the failing part (processor or motherboard) is by testing them both on separate systems.

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            I am having a nightmare trying to get my DH57JG board to post.

            I have a i5 650 CPU and 4 Gb Kingston Ram.

            I have looked at the tested Ram page but unfortunately none of that is available in the UK, I have trawled every supplier Google can find.

            I have tried USA suppliers but none that I look at have any of the tested RAM in stock.

            I know the CPU works as I have tried one I know to work from another Computer and still no post, and the one I bought to use with this board works in the other Computer.

            When I power the motherboard, the green board power LED lights, the CPU fan whirrs into action but thats it.

            If I try the board without RAM I get the 3 beeps!

            Is it a RAM problem or have I got a broken board?

            There must surely be compatible RAM sold in the UK. Has anybody out there tried other RAM succesfully?

            Keith Battye

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              Depending on your CPU's stepping value, you may have to update your BIOS in order to get this working. Have a look here: http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/SearchResult.aspx?Boardname=dh57jg and click the multiple values link beside your CPU to see what I mean. If you don't have a compatible older CPU to flash the BIOS with, you'll need to ask your supplier nicely or perhaps Intel in your country of residence can help - give each a try.


              I hope that helps.


              PS I've posted a similar response in your post about the same issue with the i5 CPU Keith Battye