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    [Intel HD Graphics] Windows XP randomly BSOD's due to igxprd32 driver


      A newly installed Windows XP SP3 with all updates installed quite randomly and quite often BSOD's (crashes) in the newest Intel driver (

      I'm not running any graphical (3d) applications. I have an Intel Core i5 530 CPU.


      For the last two hours I've already had three crashes. Three minidumps can be downloaded here.


      Update: the crashes most often occur when I'm working in Miscrosoft Visio 2003. The computer also crashes in Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12.


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          I wonder who's answering e-mail requests:

          Intel provides generic versions of the Intel(R) graphics drivers for general purposes through the Intel Download Center.  However, your computer manufacturer may  have altered the features, incorporated customizations, or made other  changes to the graphics driver software or software packaging that they  provide for your computer.  To avoid any potential  installation incompatibilities on your computer, Intel recommends that  you first check with your computer manufacturer and use the driver  software provided by your computer manufacturer.


          To download the latest generic driver from the Intel Download Center, visit: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/detect.htm


          If those “Blue Screens Of Death” happen only when Microsoft* Visio* 2003 is opened, you may need to check with Microsoft* for any patches or updates.

          You can also, remove and reinstall the application for testing purposes.


          I have never recieved such a "profound" off-the-shelf answer, please, do not send people such atrocities in the future. It might enrage them to death.


          1) User applications cannot by theory crash OS via its graphics drivers. If it happens then most likely graphicals drivers are to be blamed.




          2) This piece of hardware is intended to be run by genuine Intel drivers (as all Intel Core i3/i5 CPUs contain identical GPU).

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            Here comes the first bump.    

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              So maybe if you provide some useful information, some one might be able to assist you?

              After all, this is a USERS forum. A lot of the moderators are Intel folks that know quite a bit, but a lot of the inputs come from users.


              Mini Dumps are nice as long as someone is willing to go to an unknown site and download unknown files and load them into their system so they can read the message that was likely displayed on your screen or is in your event log.


              If it was not for the fact that this is a virtualized crash and kill system, I would not touch your downloads.


              ----- 32 bit Kernel Mini Dump Analysis

              MajorVersion        0000000f
              MinorVersion        00000a28
              DirectoryTableBase  61bb3000
              PfnDataBase         81043000
              PsLoadedModuleList  805634c0
              PsActiveProcessHead 80569658
              MachineImageType    0000014c
              NumberProcessors    00000004
              BugCheckCode        000000ea
              BugCheckParameter1  8680e268
              BugCheckParameter2  86a02e98
              BugCheckParameter3  87e8dc98
              BugCheckParameter4  00000001
              PaeEnabled          00000000
              KdDebuggerDataBlock 805532e0
              MiniDumpFields      00000cff

              ServicePackBuild      00000300
              SizeOfDump            00010000
              ValidOffset           0000fffc
              ContextOffset         00000320
              ExceptionOffset       000007d0
              MmOffset              00000000
              UnloadedDriversOffset 00000000
              PrcbOffset            000012f8
              ProcessOffset         00001f48
              ThreadOffset          000021a8
              CallStackOffset       00002400
              SizeOfCallStack       0000082c
              DriverListOffset      00002c30
              DriverCount           00000081
              StringPoolOffset      00005280
              StringPoolSize        000011b8
              BrokenDriverOffset    00000000
              TriageOptions         00000000
              TopOfStack            b8a3c7d4
              DebuggerDataOffset    00001068
              DebuggerDataSize      00000290
              DataBlocksOffset      00006438
              DataBlocksCount       00000001

              Windows XP Kernel Version 2600 (Service Pack 3) MP (4 procs) Free x86 compatible
              Kernel base = 0x804d7000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x805634c0
              Debug session time: Sat Oct 23 03:51:33 2010
              System Uptime: 0 days 4:28:24
              start    end        module name
              804d7000 806ff000   nt             Checksum: 0021A5B7  Timestamp: Tue Apr 27 06:54:14 2010 (4BD6EC86)

              Mini Kernel Dump does not contain unloaded driver list
              Unable to examine unloaded module list
              Finished dump check



              Who's hardware are you running? Have the drivers you are using been tested on that product?

              Vendors do edit the drivers for quirks in their hardware, Running a generic driver can cause the issues you are seeing.


              As far as a BugCheckCode 000000ea    http://www.ehow.com/how_5579049_stop-0x000000ea-infinite-loop.html


              You either have 1) bad driver, 2) bad hardware 3) bad ram. or a bad program looping the video

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                It's not really my problem, it's my friend who has this issue so I created this thread on his behalf.


                As for you investigation - thank you for pointing me out what I already know, I've already (win)dbg'ed these crash dumps and already found out this crash is due to an infinite loop in graphics drivers. Alas, you haven't showed that, but dbg clearly shows that the system stuck in Intel drivers.


                As for you suggesstion of using vendor supplied drivers: the laptop crashes with original Dell drivers.


                As for you suggestion that maybe some of my hardware is faulty: no, we've run memtest for a while, also I ran some CPU intensive applications (which test system stability) - non of them has showed any anomalies or problems, so it's very likely my hardware is not faulty.


                The system is otherwise rock solid and doesn't crash.

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                  Crashes also occur in Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12:



                  "The display driver igxprd32 has stopped working             normally. Save your work and reboot the system to restore full display             functionality. The next time you reboot the machine a dialog will be displayed             giving you a chance to report this failure to Microsoft."