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    BLKDP55WB with Leadtek GT240-1024D3F


      About the middle of August this year I took delivery of a new pc which I ordered from an online shop with the above mentioned mobo and video card. I loaded Windows Home Premium 64 bit and all was fine. On 25 September I updated the bios with the latest edition, after checking twice that it was indeed  for this board, after which I printed the directions from this site. The .exe ran smoothly and ended with an indication that all went well and would restart. That did not happen, the screen stayed "off", but I could see the dvd writer and the hard drive lights flicker, after which the pc was just pumping air.


      On the 27th I took the pc to the shop and was told that the mobo was probably faulty and would be sent in for a "swop out". After about two weeks I was informed that the mobo was sent to the supplier who sent it to Intel South Africa and that it came back with a clean bill of health. Upon reassembly they found that the pc would not start, as before. They (the online shop) said that they substituted the video with one of their own and it restarted immediately. They said that the video was then sent to the supplier for a "swop out" who returned it, saying it was fine. Last Tuesday the online shop advised me that te mobo was again sent to Intel. Now I have a situation where both suppliers claim their products are working 100% and I have no pc, which is supposed to be guaranteed.


      I write this discussion piece to this forum because my logic tells me that every thing was working till I updated the bios (from Intel), so I do not look for the problem on Leadtek's side.


      Am I now left with a worthless "gaurenteed" pc? a Little consumer between two large corporations?