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    X25-M G2 Very low write performance. Should I secure erase?


      I have a Intel x25-M G2 80G SSD now has very low write performance. According to AS SSD, Seq write is only 47mb/s and 4k write is only 4mb/s.


      I have done almost everything I could found on the forum. Such as enabling AHCI, intall newer intel driver and use the toolbox. However, it seemed none of these fixed the problem.


      My motherboard is a P35 board with ICH9R controller. The SSD is connected to the ICH9R port, and is running Windows 7. In bios, I have the ICH9t set in RAID mode, for a raid 5 data partition. However, the system is on this single SSD. Checking with Crystal disk mark, showing trim is enabled.


      Does anyone have some suggestion to fix the problem.


      I heard Secure Erase will bring the SSD back to top performance, my question is: after secure erase, do I have to fresh install Windows? or I can make a backup image before secure erase, then restore the image after (I have a copy of acronis true image home, and it can back up system image).


      Please help.