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    i7-950 only sees DIMM_C1 AND DIMM_C2


      My system will only recognize memory modules that are plugged into Channel C, DIMM_C1 and DIMM_C2. All combinations of populated DIMMs have been tried. Asus (P6T Motherboard) says it is a processor problem. Any Ideas???

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          Hello;   What you need to check is that your memory voltage does not exceeds the 1.5 volts since your processor , you can confirm this information on the data sheet of you processor here:  http://download.intel.com/design/processor/datashts/320834.pdf  Page 23.  Now, is not common that a processor make a memory slot on a desktop board to fail, usually this problem is related with a a bad memory module or a defective memory slot. What I recommend you is to check different memory on your desktop board or to test the memory on another unit

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            I checked the DRAM Bus Voltage and it was still set to Auto. I manually aet it to 1.5 volts. I have 3 each Kingston, KVR133D3N9/2G memory moduals and all will work, but only if plugged into Channel C, DIMM_C1 and DIMM_C2, so only 2 of the 3 will work at one time. Manually setting the DRAM Bus voltage to 1.5 volts had no results. Asus (P6T Motherboard) thinks it is an issue with the memory controller in the CPU and to contact Intel for repair or replacement. How can I prove defective memory slot or an issue with the memory controller in the CPU if these are the only units I have that are compatable with one another?

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              Remove the CPU and check the Pins in the CPU socket. (if the pins in the mother board are bent, does that make it a processor problem?)


              The Pins are Extremely fragile and if the CPU is drop, slide, tipped or otherwise not gently set into place, a bent pin or 2 will occur.


              Since the memory controller is inside the processor now and about 2/3 of the processor pins directly connect to the memory and those pins are mostly around the edge of the processor, you end up  loosing DIMM slots.


              In most cases a good steady hand , a magnify glass (for us old bind guys) and a tooth pick or fine pointed tool can straighten the pins back into line.

              But remeber, they are Extremely fragile. Mess them up too bad, and you will need a new mother board.