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    S5000PAL Fan Speed Control Problem


      Hi experts:


      I just bought a new Intel 1U SR1500AL server with S5000PAL server borad.


        System BIOS: S5000.86B.14.00.0099

        Build Date 03/09/2010

        Board Part No: D13607-802

        BMC Firmware Version: 0.55

        HSC Firmware Version: 1.41

        SDR Version: SDR Package 38


      Five cooling fans' speed is too fast. The noise level is very high.

      I tried different BIOS settings. But I could not reduce the fan speed.

      Can anyone give some advice?





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          Jason Tan

          Did you try to update the FRUSDR ? & then correctly ID your chassis during the update ? The updates are located here.


          There is also documentation available to help you out.

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            I tried to upgrade BIOS (S5000PAL_DOS_Update_Pkg_99_68_48) under CMD prompt

            under 32-bit Windows Server 2008. But I got the following error:
            WARNING!!!  WARNING!!!  WARNING!!!
            Please MAKE SURE the BIOS Bank Select jumper (pin 2-3) is set correctly!
            Press any key to continue . . .
            Flashing BIOS...
            IFlash32 BIOS Update Utility Ver 1.5.1 Build 7 ( PR )
            Copyright (c) Intel Corporation 2005

            *ERROR* Unable to get the BIOS Id of the system using the SMBIOS library.

            I tried to upgrade BMC Firmware and got the following error:
            Update S5000PAL/S5000XAL BMC flash using FWPIAUPD utility
            Firmware and PIA Flash Update Utility
            Version 3.0.1
            Copyright (c) Intel Corporation 2006
            ERROR 017: Invalid Argument.

            Could anyone give me some advice?


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              All your symptoms point to the BMC being offline.

              BMC passes the SMBIOS data & fan speed is controlled by the BMC


              To confirm, press the front panel ID button (if you have one) that lights the BLUE LED on the front and rear panel.


              If the BMC is out to lunch, it will not come on. You should also have yellow warning LED lit on the frond and back.


              To restart the BMC, AC cycle system (and cross fingers) Yellow LED should flash several times and then stop on Green (if all is well)

              If still not working the TPS  descriibes the force BMC update process which may make things happy again