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    Will Intel Roadmnap consider a change?


      I saw this issue coming since I read about the Intel/nVidia issue; where Intel would pretty much not allow the Graphic vendor nVidia to distribute their discreet GPUs on their systems.

      well the problem is this.  Intel has yet to produce a Graphic microchip which can match the mid range performance of AMD and nVidia. proof*  I have an almost 4 year laptop with Core Duo (not 2) 1.83Ghz and a nVidia  GeForce 7600go that can run circles around my new (June2010) Core i5 2.4Ghz machine in terms of multimedia capabilities.    

      The internet, Windows and even regular applications makes more use of GPUs that the CPU  and considering that then having a powerful CPU means not allot when paired with a handicap GPU.  I'm not even in my 30's so I enjoy an occasional game every now and then, but when I do, I resort to my old Laptop which I think its ridiculous.    with that in mind, that has put me at a crossroad about how I feel about Intel and the future of their (your?) roadmap.

      1. Apple apparently was struck with a similar issue and desided to stick with the old Core 2 CPU and pair it with a newer G310~*++   to avoid the relatively larger less efficient and slower Corei5 suttor.

      2. with Intel attempting to can nVidia from creating GPUs for its product it seems moot to buy and intel product which  cannot offer performance

      so,  is Intel planning to change the caning of Discreet GPU makers from their mobile systems or will consumers like myself be looking for an alternative route?

      or will Intel offer A. a  2nd line of CPU/GPU combo which can either a. be completely disabled to use the more efficient Discreet graphics. B. Offer a CPU with no onchip GPU leaving it open for manufacturers to work with Discreet GPU vendors to install their product. or C. be oblivious to consumers who have similar wants than myself.