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    Interference noise - Intel DP55WG


      It's been exactly four days my pc has started making noise interference through the speakers. This noise just starts when Windows loads. And do not stop until the PC is turned off. My motherboard is an Intel DP55WG.


      Headsets I tested to see if the problem was with the boxes, but the noise is still unverified. Then update the driver for audio (Realtek HDA 6196) and nothing. After I did the "chkdsk / p" of Windows. And nothing.


      Rule out the dust inside the pc, because beauty're clean. I am also not using any Wi-Fi and do not let any cell phone near the PC. Regarding the power, it goes to the stabilizer and then strip, both with fuse, and everything is normal.


      Now that is strange but I did absolutely nothing new to justify such a problem recently. Only the last six months of the upgrade.


      Anyone have any suggestions?