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    Removing disc MAC address from ICH8R RAID Controller?


      I've had to swap out the HDD for my system and would now like to ensure I've erased the data from the drives.  I've found that when attempting to use a HDD Docking station on the same system they were removed from, they are not recognized at all by the system.  Short of using another PC, etc. does anyone know how to delete MAC addresses from the ICH8R controller memory so the drives get recognized in the docking station?  Thanks...

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          MAC address? What MAC address is used for hard disk drives with the ICH8R RAID controller? The ICH8R is a Intel® Controller Hub and is a chipset component. It has an integrated 10/100/1000 GbE Ethernet controller that would have a MAC address, but the integrated Serial ATA host controller is separate and does not. The ICH8R looses power when the system power is removed. So turning the system off and removing the AC power for a short time will completely reset the device, but it won't change anything when you power it back on.


          You can find more information in the Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8 (ICH8) Family Datasheet.




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            Thanks and sorry, not the MAC but the serial number of the drive.  That appears to be mapped into the RAID array and never goes away.


            Again, sorry, gigo.


            The crux of the matter is my attempting to remove the suspect drives, replace them with new, rebuild the volume and then try to use a docking station to do a Guttman erase on the drives prior to returning to the OEM.  :\


            In that scenario, when I put the suspect drives into the BlacX docking station from Thermaltake they no longer get recognized as drives that can be accessed.  Other serial numbered drives work just fine in the docking station, so the  question was is it the controller retaining information of some nature that doesn’t allow the system to recognize the drives as anything but belonging to the array/volume.


            Hopefully that helps with what I’m attempting to resolve.

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              I don't think ICH8R keeps the serial number to identify member disks. In RAID this is usually done by data on the disks themselves. Plus the chipset SATA controller and USB controller are two separate devices and wouldn't share information between themselves. You can't create a RAID array with drives conencted to the SATA ports AND USB ports can you?


              I saw through a Google search that someone mentioned making a Matrix RAID disk a "non-member" via the option ROM. Maybe this would be an option. When the option ROM status screen appears during POST, press Ctrl and i at the same time to enter the option ROM user interface.


              You might be able to do this in the Matrix Storage Manager too.


              The drive would need to be conected to one of the SATA ports for this.


              You might be able to find more information at the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) support page.


              Good Luck,