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    Intel Proset issue in Prelogon with Smartcardlogon



      We are facing an issue where Smartcardlogon isn't working when the profile

      of the Intel Proset 5300 AGN with driver 13.1.1 is configured with 'Prelogon',

      ok when 'Persistant' mode is set.

      In the wireless connection isn't initiated when the Pin code is entered


      Smartcardlogon is also working fine in a wired connection mode.


      The Laptops are running Windows XP SP3.

      The smartcard is from Safenet

      The wireless athentification is 802.1x LEAP.


      Due to security, it is asked to work in 'Prelogon' mode so we wonder

      is this kind of solution is supported.


      Is there a way to troubleshoot this kind of issue using the Intel Proset tools.


      We have planned to install the driver 13.2 in the next few days.


      Best regards.

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          Am I right in assuming your configuration as:

          Windows logon type as SmartCard logon and wireless authentication profile type as Leap with Prelogon.


          If this is true, Intel PROSet will NOT initiate wireless connection when user enters his smart card pin.

          Unfortunately...this is as per existing design.




          Intel Corp

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            Hi Sachin,

            Thanks for the answer.


            Yes the customer wants to deploy a solution with

            Win logon type as Smartcardlogon ( smarcard from Safenet)

            wifi authentication: 802.1x LEAP  (Cisco AP's present)

            and with Prelogon in the proset profile.

            The 'Prelogon' is requested by the security team because

            they don't accept that a laptop could get a persistant connection.


            You say that it doesn't work but is it possible to get a workaround

            while maintaining the 'Prelogon'

            and otherwise is there an document from Intel which specifies

            that the solution we are trying to deploy can't work.


            Best regards.