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    Raid SRCZCRX and w3k BSOD


      Good day,

      I have Intel server sr1400sys with intel raid controler SRCZCRX - 2 320Gb SCSI in RAID 1. After reinstallation of Windows 2003 in first boot during the boot i got BSOD with 0x07B. It seems something is wrong with RAID drivers i used. I tried use intel official latest drivers from floopy throught F6, but w3k installation said that they are older than windows have. If i use them i have problems during windows installation files copying - windows cannot copy mraid35x.sys from source disk, and asks to insert disk labled "raid drivers for windows 2003" into A: (usb floppy. floppy controller in bios is disabled. floppy disk is ok). If I choose to use windows drivers - installation goes ok, but on first boot i get BSOD 0x07B.

      What i do wrong or what is the secret?

      PS. First time when i installed system to the this new server a dont have any problems, as i remember.


      Thanks, Stanislav.