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    D945GCLF + Huawei e1750



      Hi everyone!


      We have about 200 desktops with desktop board Intel D945GCLF ( latest bios ).

      The OS which we're using is Ubuntu 8.04. Recently we added a modem Huawei E1750 to every one.

      Everything seemed ok, until we had to restart the desktops. Restarted desktop freezed on the POST code 0x94.


      I know what does mean this POST code ( from documentation ), but I don't understand why??

      This is happening, when I run the command 'shutdown -r'. When I put to the command line 'shutdown -h' for shutdown the computer and start the computer again, everything is ok, it boots with great success.


      Without modem command 'shutdown -r' works.

      I appreciate any advice.