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    Will this processor work on my computer


      I need a new processor and I was wondering if this processor works in my computer




      that is the processor I am looking at currently.


      my motherboard and processors it supports are here






      I currently have a 450 Watt psu
      A radeon 4650 1 gb gfx card
      2 gb DDR2 RAM
      and Windows XP


      my current processor is an intel celeron 351. Its a single core processor and it has 3.2 ghz and it is really bottenecking the rest of my system


      I need a fairly cheap processor (under 100$) that can be found on Newegg.com


      Note I only play 2 games on my computer (Starcraft2 and WoW) I dont plan on putting these games on max settings. Oh no just medium. SO if that proccesor works let me know, or if you know of a better one on newegg for 100$ that is compatible with my motherboard please post the link.