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    Upgrading RAID 1 Hard DRives and XP to Win7


      Hello All


      I have an ICH7 family chipset with 82801GR/GH (at least, according to IMSC  I currently have two ~200Gb SATA drives configured as RAID 1 and I purchased 2 new 500 drives due to both existing drives failing/old/small.  I did not need larger as I now have a Netgear READYNas 1.5TB Raid 1 data staorage device.


      The drives are located on Ports 0 and 2.

      System is a Dell E510 that came as a RAID 1.

      Drives contain expensive software such as Photoshop etc that I do not want to lose.  Some disks are lost etc.


      (Has worked wonderful till now.  Port 0 Drive failed.  System had the BSD due to IASTOR.SYS failure.  However...Port 0 has been recently rebuilt by Port 2 Drive.)


      I would like to do:


      1) Upgrade the smaller drives to the larger drives


      2) Convert the system to Win 7 Home Premium UPGRADE.


      Any ideas?