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    Graphics Driver Not Responding when I try to play games.


      Hey guys and gals,


      Im new, and came here becuase of an issue im having with my laptop. Lately i have been trying to play a MMORPG, and this is where the issue lies.

      I can play the game for around 30 mins before my graphics driver starts acting up. It stops responding, then recovers, then about 15-20 seconds later it stops responding again. Im not sure why this is happening as it only started within the past couple of weeks. Before that i never had an issue with it. I have a Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family installed on the laptop as well as Windows 7 64 bit. I have also updated the graphics drivers using the device manager and it says their up to date.


      Any ideas on ways i can fix this issue?







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          Please someone help, this is really starting to get on my nerves, some one at my school suggested that it might be something to do with the virtual memory

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            Try to Install previous version of your Graphics Drivers. It seem to be issue of your graphics drivers. Also check errors in Windows EVENTS log to dig out the problem.

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              It sounds to me that you are having a standard laptop problem, overheating.  Gaming on laptops is the worst case situation, gaming puts a strain on the graphics system and add to that the poor cooling ability of all laptops, and the result is problems like you are having.  You play games for a while, the PC get hotter and hotter, and the problem happens.


              First, have you ever cleaned the dust from your laptops vents and fan?  You should get a can of the dust cleaner and spray it into all the vents on the bottom and sides of your laptop.  You must do a good job, the fan, heatsink, and vents are all small and dust build up happens very quickly on all PCs.


              When using your laptop, do you have it sitting on a flat, solid surface?  If it is sitting on your lap, couch, bed, or any soft surface, the cooling vents are blocked.  Many laptop users do this and don't realize they are causing their PC to overheat.


              If you check PC stores, you will find that Laptop Coolers are available now.  You may need one of these to allow you to play games for long periods of time.  All the things I mentioned are just the nature of laptops, and heat problems can be avoided if you treat them correctly.