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    Intel DH57JG PCIe TV Tuner Card Problem


      Hi all,


      Just built a new HTPC system today with a DH57JG and an i3 540 as my base. Everything works as it should including a Blackgold BGT3510 DVB-T Dual tuner card which I had installed. However, when resuming from sleep the card apparently disapears! Dosn;t work in WMC and vanishes from Device Manger. A reboot was bringing it back for a while until it disapeared for good. Just as if there is no card installed.


      So removed this card and installed a Kworld PE355-2T Dual tuner DVB-T card. Exactly the same issue with this aswell. Works at first then disappears. Drivers install with no probs, fresh install of win7 x64, updated and lastest version of bios..


      Stumped. Thinking this may be a fault on the motherboard or I've missed a setting/jumper somewhere. Anyone had any experience with a similar setup? Any idears would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance