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    problem with wireless Intel centrino advanced-N  6250 AGN


      Hi, I am having a problem with my wireless device I guess.. my computer is TOSHIBA SATELLITE M645 S4050, it has WIFI and WIMAX together (Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250), the issue is when I am turned on my computer, after about half hour my WIFI stop works, then I have to enable the wireless network connection..  the message "wireless network connection cannot be found" appears, to fix this issue I have to restart my laptop and it start working again.. but in the same time the failure come again.. I have updated the driver, unninstaled the Kaspersky 2010 (now I have Microsoft Security essentials), but even that the issue is happen.. I only have like 2 months with my new laptop.

      what can i do??? it is a hardware problem or software? anyone have this issue and fix it? Isn't because a conflict in wifi-wimax devices maybe?

      the Wireless is Intel centrino advanced-N  6250 AGN.

      I've identified the version and updates needed for my system in Intel support tools and it generates an result saying that my Intel PROSet/Wireless was not detected..

      Can somebody help me?


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          try updating the firmaware in your router.  I had the same problem and that fixed it.

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            hello , dear , how are you . am working toshiba india .


            let me tell  which openring systems you facing this issue ?  can  send me  the screen shot  for my mail id pls .,  are you using toshiba Recovery OS  - Win 7




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              Same problem on my Samsung.

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                This is a long standing, well documented, and UNRESOLVED issue.  There are some people that have reported they've returned their computer TWICE to Toshiba and still have the same problem.  I've been dealing with this for 6 months.  After downloading multiple drivers, updates, and executing several factory restorations I still had the problem.  I have come to the conclusion that there is an unknown update from either Intel, MS, or Toshiba that causes this problem, therefore I am NOT allowing my computer to do ANY updates.  It's sad, I know, but I want to be able to use my $700 and I refuse to do the RMA thing.

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                  i am having similar issues with my samsung rc five twelve.....unable to type numbers or symbols on my phone.....  i spent alot of money to be able to communicate with my family while im deployed and now i cant.  brand new pc that doesnt connect to the internet... and no way to take it back to the store...awesome


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                    I had the same problem with my Toshiba Portege. After a restart or resuming from hibernation my wireless adapter would work then shut off after maybe two minutes. I fixed it by downloading updated drivers (using the automated intel tool) and then unistalling the WiMax software. Now my wireless works perfectly. Hope this helps. I previously spent hours on the phone w Toshiba support (terrible support btw).

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                      I think both your wireless adapter and access point have driver problem. But hopefully you can fix it by updating the driver of any of the two device.

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                        I have a Dell Studio 1569 w/ Intel Advanced N 6200.  I have updated the driver from the Dell site, as the Intel auto download directs me there. Still getting cut off.  My home wireless is WEP encrypted, G.  My wifes Mac works fine.  My Dell establishes connection, works for about 20 minutes, then turns off the radio hardware switch.  Sometimes the Intel My wifi Tech is disabled, but not always.


                        Intel, what do you suggest? 

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                          BTW, I am running windows 7 pro, 64 bit.

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                            I am not from intel, but I am a WLAN system designer who happened to see this thread when I intiated my thread in this forum. Since you ask, I could provide my opinion belllow for your reference.


                            First, You can try an open system which means no encryption is applied.  It's a easy action worthy to try though I don't think WEP encryption will cause deauthentication  problem.


                            Second, you said your adapter works fine for about 20 minutes, you could try to stop the power saving option in the advanced panel of your adapter interface.


                            Third, you could change the radio mode of your wireless adapter from N to legacy G, it's the same place as I just mentioned in the second action. Since your access point is only G,  you don't need a N radio mode. Besides,  I find some new 11N adapters do not work well with old G access point.


                            On top of that, make sure your signal indicator for your adapter stays more than 2 grids. Don't put your access point near any 2.4G equipments like cordless family phone or microwave for they sometimes cause severe interference.


                            If all the above doesn't work, I suggest you replace your wireless adapter.

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                              I have a Toshiba Tecra M11-S3421 running Windows 7 64 bit. I have had this problem since I purchased the computer. It usually happens once a day. It has happened on several different wireless connections (my home router, the wireless system at my job, and at least one other).


                              I can generally 'fix' it by rolling back the driver version (9/15/2009). I turned off the automatic window update so that the driver wouldn't get updated everyday; however, I have had it stop working while using the oldest driver version. In that case I updated the driver to get it to work again.


                              In any case it unacceptable and I would like to know an actual correction to the problem from someone at Intel.

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                                I have a Toshiba M645-S4070 and am seeing this exact same problem.


                                About once a day, my Internet connection dies, and the Windows 7 wireless widget says no wireless networks available.  I go into the network devices in the control panel to try to disable and re-enable, but the device doesn't disable.  I cycle the power on the wifi card, but it doesn't come back online.  The only way to un-hang the card is to restart the entire computer.


                                Mind you, the problem has occurred while connected to multiple different routers.  It has occured with the Toshiba factory image, and with a completely clean install of Windows 7 Professional + the latest Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 driver from Intel.  Therefore, I believe it must be a hardware issue.


                                The problem can occur at anytime, but I have noticed it seems to happen most often just after resuming from standby or while video conferencing on Skype.  To me, this indicates that heavy amounts of network traffic increase the likelihood of the problem occuring.  I also have only installed the 802.11-N portion of the driver, because I likewise found the WiMAX driver troublesome and pointless as there are far better broadband options in my area.


                                I just went through Toshiba Tech Support - there is no web/email form, but it took about a 15 minute phone call to get a return authorization.  Given what I'm hearing, I'm skeptical the problem will be gone for good, but I figure I'll give it a shot.


                                I'm moving overseas shortly, so if the problem comes back, I'll try some of the suggestions mentioned by the wifi engineer.  He's absolutely right that changing the type of encryption or the wireless protocol being used might avoid whatever firmware call is triggering the hang.  Otherwise, I'll just buy an expresscard or USB wifi adapter and disable the internal card completely..  Annoying solution, but this laptop was such a bargain I won't be too dissapointed.

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                                  hi, I have this problem with my Toshiba Satellite  M645  S4050.

                                  My conection stop to work mainly when I'm talkin in Skype, and then I have to turn of and turn on again the notebook to have the internet again.


                                  What can I do? I need the Skype to work and I have so many problems because of that.


                                  Anyone have a solution?



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                                    I have the same problem on a Dell Vostro 3400.  I upgraded the wireless card in the laptop to a 6250 and this started happening.  Sometimes turning off the raido and turning it back on works but not all the time.  A reboot is needed.  Any solution?

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