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    Front Panel Audio Support for Intel DG45ID board


      I have Intel DG45ID board (rev 11) and am using it on my old zebronics 450W cabinet (http://www.zebronics.net/Zeb_Korea.asp), which has only AC-97 front panel audio support.


      Earlier i was under impression that this board supports only HD Audio for front panel audio. I got mixed response from intel technical support team when i asked them whether this board supports HD Audio or AC -97 for front panel audio. But i when i tested it with Ms Widows Xp Prof (32 bit) OS the AC-97 front panel audio worked fine without any issue, so i came to know that this board can support AC-97 front panel audio too. While it is known fact that jack detection does not work with AC-97 front panel audio but it is quite workable.


      But when i installed Ms Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate N edition os my front panel audio stopped working.


      With the assistance of intel technical support team i came to know about the new feature introduced in windows7.

      The fact that the ac-97 front panel audio which worked in windows xp and not in windows 7 does not imply there is a problem with hardware or driver, its a windows 7 feature.


      Windows 7 does not detect my headpone connected to ac-97 front panel audio module unless i attach a hearphone / speaker to my rear audio panel.

      A dead speaker also does the job and only after attaching it windows 7 emits sound in my front panel headphone.


      The answer i received from intel technical staff is that as ac-97 does not support jack detection so windows 7 does not detects anything connected to front panel audio. When we connect a speaker to rear panel windows 7 detects it using jack detection and then only determines that a sound device is connected to the system, then it also starts emitting sound on front panel.

      If i don't select  AC97 Front panel support in IDT audio control software it never shows my front panel headphones as connected.

      If i select this option it always show my front panel headphones as connected even after i remove my front panel headphones.

      Whether it shows my front panel as connected or disconnected i received sound in my front panel headphone if a sound device is connected to rear panel either working or not working. This seems to be a new features of windows 7.


      I am using latest updated windows 7 64 bit ultimate n edition os with latest IDT audio control software 1.0.6224.7


      Does any one faced a similar issue?

      May be this feature is introduced from vista os.

      After a brief search i came to know that since vista os the AC-97 front panel audio is only supported in a compatible and not fully supported as supported by windows xp 32 bit prof os.


      Anyway this board DG45ID sound quality is awesome, a HD audio front panel is recommended along with a 8 channel rear sound speakers.


      Waiting for your replies...

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          I hope this will answer your question..


          First one DG45ID board will support both the AC97 and HD front panel audio header.

          However if you are using AC97 front panel audio header you will face few issues..




          AC97 front panel audio header dosent comes with sense send pin (pin no 7 ) .

          When you plug any audio device system will not sense the front panel device plugged in to the jack.


          In windows XP by default all audio play back devices will be enabled, in windows 7 audio play back devices  will be enabled only after detecting the devices.

          If you are using windows 7 OS system will not identify the devices plugged in to the front panel jack as it is dosen't comes with sense send pin..


          To double check on this, you can connect any speaker to the rear panel along with front panel speaker, now you will notice both the front and back panel working fine.. It means windows 7 enabled the play back devices while you connect speaker to the rear panel..

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            Thanks bineeshjose for your reply.

            The information provided by you is correct.

            Earlier i had mistaken it to be a motherboard fault till i know the difference between behavior of Windox Xp and Windows 7 OS.

            Those who don't know how Windows 7 detect audio device i.e by jack detection are likely to conclude that DG45ID board does not support AC 97 front panel audio, which is not the case. DG45ID board supports both AC 97 as well as HD audio for front panel audio.


            To make my head phone work which is attached to AC 97 front panel i had attached a old rear speaker which requires external power supply and is turned off.

            I guess even a non working rear headphone or speaker will also do, check it out.