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    Motherboards (new) with 32 bit compatability and mulitple PCI slots (not PCIe) and sata connections


      I am not sure how PCI express works with older PCI boards, i.e. can a PCI board be plugged in to a PCIe slot and will it function? I am interested in rebuilding my computer with a new quad core board but want to be able to use WinXP and other hardware I currently use whos communication is wtih a PCI board. I currently have 5 PCI slots and could only give up one if I had an onboard Network Adapter outlet on the card.

      I would like so help in getting pointed toward a new board which would accomodate my needs.

      In short I want to:

                               Use WinXP

                               Continue using my SCSI scanner via a SCSI card plugged into a PCI slot

                               Continue using a dedicated combo firewire interface card I use for a breakout box when editing videos

                               Continue using PS2 mouse and keyboard

                               Use at least one device which requires a serial port

                               Continue using 32 bit software


      Can anyone point me in the right direction and possibly make any suggestions about where I should start and what I should be looking at for starters?