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    Intel® WiFi Link 5100 - No Wireless Adapter


      Hi, its a bit of a shot in the dark to be honest, but I'm wondering if anyone can help.


      I have a ACER 5680 running windows vista 32 bit, its a bit old but in its prime it was a decent spec machine!


      I have a wireless-n router in my house and the installed Intel 3945 AGB keeps dropping connections so I thought I'd have a go at upgrading.


      I bought an Intel WiFi Link 5100 which is apparently compatible with Intel Centrino Duo and Windows Vista, so no problems, I thought.


      The PCI card is detected and installs successfully, device manager says the device is working properly...but if thought it would seamlessly then start detecting networks then I was clearly wrong.


      If I switch the wireless switch on the front of the laptop it says 'no wireless adapter'.  If I download the latest drivers and run the diagnostic tool, hardware detection fails and the log says "Summary: The wireless adapter is disabled or uninstalled".  It is neither, so that is frustrating.  I expected it to just work.


      Anyone had this before/any ideas?


      I have replaced the old card and it is working fine, just slow, and drops the wireless connection frequently....