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    DH55TC Freeze Issue. Any Update from Intel?


      I've had the "freeze" issue with BD playback since I had this board using internal graphics. I've followed the AVS forums on the subject (they even have an official page for this problem..http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1235801&highlight=freeze) with 12,000 views and tried the different bios recommendations with the latest firmware (and drivers) but the problem continues although less frequently. The AVS forum says that Intel knows of the problem but I haven't heard of any official solution other than maybe buying a video card and bypassing the internal video. In fact I can't find anything in this Intel community forum on this issue. Isn't that rather strange? The whole idea of buying this board was to build a HTPC with minimum extras.


      My system is I5, 4Gb ram, SSD for boot and use WMC with TMT3 (ISO files) for BD playback.


      Has anyone heard anything to do beyond disabling EIST and CPU state C in the BIOS? By the way that doesn't work although it reduces the problem somewhat.