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    Operating Systems


      Hi there;

      I've got a huge problem here. I just purchased a new laptop, took it home & guess what not 1 program or hardware is compatible with Windows 7.

      I often wonder why these things are even built. Win 7 what ya buy new & ya still have to buy more, well guess what I took it back, loaded VISTA 64bit

      & no more problems.

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          If you don't get any help here in the Intel® Server Room Ask An Expert community, you may want to try asking your laptop manufacturer for assistance.




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                Well thk you John S @ intel;


            I have gone to the manufacturer, outlet where I bought it from, microsoft, gateway, etc.....

            I don't know what the problem is but microsoft better get their stuff in a row; I can't believe this myself.

            No support at all for a new laptop. I'm not the only 1 either; I have met others who have these type of concerns.

            I figured 'new' means support! I guess what it really means is 'thks for your cash' & 'leave'. It's not a way to treat

            potential clients. When I went to the manufacturer they told me point blank. You bought a $800 laptop, now you need to buy about

            $800 -$1000 of hardware to make it work. What! I mean if that's what needs to be done well take the F****in thing back.

            I guess maybe they thought that remark would fly. But any way I've still got the problems & well what do I do now?

            Still working on it but sooner or later I will go to a MAC.

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              I guess my real point was that I don't know what we (Intel) or the community participants here can provide for you. Especially since this is a support community for Intel server products.


              Personally, if it was me that had this occur, I would ask to have my issue escalated to the next level of support from the manufacturer until I got some sort of resolution. I have no idea what additional hardware a new laptop may require to run Windows 7, or any operating system. Laptops are usually pretty self-sufficient the way they come. There's not much you can add except for peripheral devices. Memory maybe?


              Best of Luck,